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Men and women that have hair loss don’t want a temporary solution to their problem. They want to have a full head of hair that looks natural and they can continue to grow it their entire lives. There is a way to have permanent hair restoration results through hair transplantation surgery or medical hair restoration.

The latest state of the art medical hair transplants can provide the permanent hair restoration solutions men and women want and can be performed on a simple out-patient basis. It takes less than a day and with just little discomfort and recovery time. You get results that are permanent and look totally natural. Men and women can have a full head of natural-looking hair that is healthy.

At Van Scoy PAI Medical hair clinics in Cleveland, Columbus, and Ashland, Ohio, we offer a full range of hair transplant services that include: female hair transplantation, transgender hair restoration, and corrective hair transplant surgery to repair old “pluggy” transplants and right past wrongs.

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PAI Hair Transplant Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

PAI Hair Transplant Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™, is our exclusive surgical hair transplant procedure that was developed by our own PAI Medical Group® Team. Patients are provided with the most natural hair transplant results imaginable with the greatest hair density thanks to PAI Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™. Typically we can transplant two to three times more hair in a single session than other methods of hair transplantation used today.

With perfect aesthetic and undetectable natural looking results, PAI Hair Transplant Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ is a relatively mild out-patient procedure, offering outstanding natural outcomes with fewer procedures.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™
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Corrective Hair Transplants

In past decades the results from hair transplant surgery we slightly unnatural. This was the result of large size “pluggy” grafts that were used at that time. Surgical hair restoration and other cosmetic surgeries are not look upon favorably in the public eye because of past results. That is because results today are never noticed and that is a success.

Great care is given by our skilled physicians at Van Scoy PAI Medical hair restoration clinics. We conservatively reconstruct unsightly results using our exclusive Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure which yields excellent artistic and technical results. If you feel a heavy burden with a former hair transplant then let us help make it right so you can feel confident with your hair.

Corrective Hair Transplants
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Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy

Non-surgical laser hair therapy is FDA cleared and is used to help regrow hair, improve the strength, and fullness and overall health of your hair. Cool low-level laser photo-biotherapy technology is quite effective and is used in the treatment for those with androgenetic alopecia, or hereditary pattern hair loss for men and women.

Because of the stimulation that is given from the laser hair therapy, the thickness of the hairs shaft increases and that is ideal for individuals in the beginning stages of hair loss and thinning hair.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment
Enhanced Hair Loss Treatment Ohio

Enhanced Plasma Therapy

Enhanced Plasma Therapy also referred to as enhanced hair regrowth therapy represents the latest in hair loss treatment therapy for men and women. The naturally occurring substance found in your own blood is known to be growth factors that can help promote cell growth. It has been used in sports medicine around the world for years and now this Enhanced Plasma Therapy is performed in our clinic by a licensed medical staff to help address the cause of your thinning hair.

Enhanced Plasma Therapy as a non-surgical treatment option providing patients with thinning hair and hair the ability to improve their hair caliber and thickness.

Enhanced Plasma Therapy



Whether you are experiencing thinning hair and want to stop your hair loss, or want more hair, we provide the most advanced and effective hair restoration procedures for men and women of all ages and hair types.

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